Trace Adkins Ventures Into Film in American Carol

After completing the season on The Celebrity Apprentice, Trace Adkins has been cast in director David Zucker’s new film, American Carol. Based on the plot of A Christmas Carol, the comedy will feature Adkins as the Spirit of Christmas Future — the Grim Reaper. According to a press release, Adkins’ character “uses his special musical abilities to bring insight to Scrooge in an effort to help him avoid an inevitable and tragic end.” Kelsey Grammer, best known for TV’s Frasier, will portray Ebenezer Scrooge. The film will also include cameo appearances by Jon Voight, Leslie Nielsen, Dennis Hopper and others. Zucker’s directing credits include Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4 and two films in The Naked Gun series. American Carol is currently in production in Los Angeles.