Taylor Swift Sparkles for New Found Glory, Paramore

I find it hard to believe that someone who writes sweet country love songs would dig rock that sounds so punk. But it’s true. Taylor Swift really does love this band New Found Glory and she went to see them in Nashville with another fave of hers, Paramore . How excited was she? Her tweet that night (Aug. 21) said, “My dancing shoes are ON. Why, you ask? Paramore and New Found Glory! Nashville!! SCREAM!!” Later, Swift got the chance to hang with the bands backstage, where she decorated the red bass guitar of New Found Glory’s Ian Grushka. She glued on her autograph and a sparkly little 13 right on the front. So now every time he plays that one, he’ll think of Swift and her lucky (or unlucky?) number. “Pimp for sure,” is all Paramore had to say.