Taylor Swift Says to Love What You Loved When You Were 6

Taylor Swift answered some questions Monday night (Oct. 25) during a live video streaming event on CMT.com and other sites within MTV Networks. And of all the responses she gave, this one stood out to me. “We can’t stop loving the things we loved when we were 6,” she said when she was asked about living life to its fullest. She gives the example of being happy just to be at the grocery store picking up ingredients to bake something. She loved it then, she loves it now. (By the way, if she’s right, expect to see me doing a lot of cartwheels in the coming weeks.) “I think that as you grow up, as you get older, we can’t get bitter, we can’t get jaded. So I think that growing up, the things that make you happy, that list should get bigger as time goes by,” she said. There was also talk of her musical influences (her dad played a lot of Simon & Garfunkel and her mom liked Def Leppard) and how it was the trifecta of Faith Hill, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks that ultimately lured her over to the country side.