OFFSTAGE: Blake Shelton on Christina Aguilera’s Misunderstood Confidence

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In a glass-half-empty kind of world, you have to love Blake Shelton’s glass-half-full kind of perspective. He can take something negative, like attitudes about his The Voice co-judge Christina Aguilera and her, well, attitude and make the world see it from his side. “Christina’s a diva — one of the greatest-female-vocalists-of-all-time kind of diva. And with that comes confidence,” Shelton explained to People magazine . “But a lot of the times, it’s just misunderstood.” Another co-judge from the show, Adam Levine, echoes Shelton’s feelings. “I’m a pain in the a–. I’m a diva to a large extent. But listen, Christina is a proud girl. She’s aware of who she is and that image, which I think she accepts.” It’s about the only spot in the interview for this cover story where Shelton and Levine are serious. Stay tuned later this week for more on how the two would do in a UFC fight, how hot the women in their lives are for each other and why Shelton won’t ride a motorcycle.

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