Music Seen: Casey James Performs in Nashville

Newcomer Casey James got his start on American Idol, but he’s winning over fans by playing clubs and festivals across the country. His soulful sounds, guitar work and long locks have spawned passionate fans who recently answered a Twitter invitation to watch him perform in Nashville for a taping of CMT Listen Up . CMT cameras were there, and our photographer captured some unique and artistic images. Check out the photos, and be sure to watch his CMT Listen Up performance.

Music Seen Photos by Jessica Wardwell.

Casey James’ Texas roots always find their way onstage. Yep, it’s a longhorn.

It may be soundcheck, but Casey James plays like it’s a show.

Everything you need to know about “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” is in an app.

Check out the lighthearted fun with the band during soundcheck.

Even the guys need a glam squad now and then.

Casey James helps CMT Radio Network’s Samantha Stephens remove some extraneous lipstick.

CMT Radio Network’s Samantha Stephens interviews Casey James for his Listen Up bio piece.

Backstage in the greenroom, a Casey James’ band member doesn’t look too confident of what the singer is about to do to his head.

Casey James gets his stage makeup on backstage in the greenroom.

Casey James kicks off his Listen Up performance.

Two Casey James fans proudly show their love for their favorite singer.

In the control room, the show’s director works with several camera angles.

Casey James shows some of his passion during a performance onstage at 12th & Porter.

A full house comes to Casey James’ Listen Up show.

A fan captures Casey James signing autographs after the show.

A “crazy” Casey James fan visits with the singer after the show.

Casey James signs autographs for fans after the show.