OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Song Is All About Mr. Wrong

Taylor Swift calls her new song “Begin Again.” But I’m going to go with “Goodbye, Mr. Wrong.” Because that was my takeaway after just one listen. The song, if you haven’t heard it, is a sweet ballad about new love and all the comparisons that come with it. So this new guy — let’s call him Mr. Right — is everything the last guy (Mr. Wrong) was not. For example, Mr. Wrong didn’t like her high heels, he didn’t “get” the songs she loved, he was never on time, he wasn’t chivalrous, he had no sense of humor and he didn’t like James Taylor. All deal breakers in my book. As you can imagine, the new guy is much better suited to Swift, so most people will think of this tune as a love story. But I think it’s way more. It’s like a girlfriend, you-can -do-so-much-better-than-him song.