OFFSTAGE: Now Jake Owen Understands His Parents’ Love

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I know exactly what Jake Owen means about this kind of deep, deep love. When he was in Chicago last week, he told me about this parental epiphany he had when his baby girl Pearl was born on Thanksgiving Day. “I get now how my parents love me so much. When you’re a kid, you don’t understand that. You wonder how your parents could love you as much as they say they do,” he said. But now that he’s a father, it all makes perfect sense. Owen gets that love now. “The day that I take Pearl to school for the first time and she walks inside with a little backpack on, that’s when I’ll realize, ’Wow, this is hard. I love her so much.'” Owen and his wife Lacey are enjoying every minute of Pearl so far. And obviously, Owen’s the one on lullaby duty. “She likes Marty Robbins,” he told me. “And she likes when I make songs up. Like, ’Our little Pearl, came into this world, on Thanksgiving Day, and she had a lot of hair,'” Owen sang. Probably not a radio hit, but I’m sure his littlest fan adores it.

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