OFFSTAGE: Kenny Chesney Brings Ray of Hope to Alzheimer’s Patients

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I have a stack of gently used iPods, Nanos, iTouches and Shuffles in my basement. And Kenny Chesney has just given me a way to put them back to work. He is out there extolling the virtues of a program called Music & Memory , which he says is a “ray of hope for a lot of people.” Chesney says the charity creates music players full of songs that can help reconnect people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s with good memories and to people around them. There are countless therapeutic benefits to this kind of music therapy, so I’m glad Chesney is helping them spread the word. Right now, the group has music players in about 60 nursing homes. But if we all send them our old iThings , imagine how much more music we could bring them.

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