Is Taylor Swift an NHL Curse?

Again, Canadian hockey players are crushing on blond country stars? Is this déjà vu all over again now that Jeff Skinner is into Taylor Swift, much like Mike Fisher was into Carrie Underwood? I’m not saying there are any romantic possibilities at all, but I do know this: This Carolina Hurricanes winger is a big fan of Swift.

So he gave her his Hurricanes hockey jersey at her Sept. 13 show in Raleigh, NC. (Awwwwwwww.) But Skinner must be so smitten with the singer that he didn’t take into account what Yahoo! Sports hints is some kind of curse. The report also states that he was “completely naïve to the potential ramifications of doing so.”

The story alleges that when Swift gets a hockey jersey, bad things happen. Like how in 2009, she received a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey , and then four years later, the Penguins who gave it to her were no longer Penguins. Also in 2009, Swift went to a Los Angeles Kings game, and they missed the playoffs. Then later that year, she revealed a new Nashville Predators jerseys, and they were eliminated from the playoffs that season. And that Swift wore a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey once, and they haven’t won the cup since 1967.

I’m glad Skinner went ahead and gave Swift his jersey because she’s obviously not really the bad-luck charm that sports journalists might make her out to be. I mean, I’m sure Swift has collected hundreds of team jerseys in her years as a celeb. Some of those teams were winners, and some were not. But that isn’t Swift’s doing. She has no power over professional sports . I mean, she’s a big star, but no one is that big. Right? We’ll see when the Hurricanes start their preseason games Wednesday (Sept. 18).