Keith Urban’s Duet With Miranda Lambert Was Years in the Making

They First Sang Together When She Was His Opening Act

When you first heard that the perennially cool Keith Urban was teaming up with the eternally edgy Miranda Lambert for the duet “We Were Us,” were you one of those who first thought, “Hmm … I wonder how this will turn out?”

Even though they are two of my favorites, I have to admit that I had some initial concerns, although Urban never had that moment. He already knew a collaboration with Lambert would be a smash success if it ever happened, and he’d known this truth for quite some time.

As a new artist in 2005, Lambert was touring with Urban. As he still does today, he’d bring out the opening act to sing with him during his set each night. When he brought Lambert out, though, something was special. There was a vocal chemistry that couldn’t be denied then or now.

“I always loved the way our voices sounded together,” he said recently. “So probably in the back of my mind, I’ve always hoped that I could find something we could do.”

When he first heard “We Were Us” and began thinking of it as a duet, there was no other option besides Lambert. She called the whole collaboration experience “awesome.” I can only imagine.

In my experience, simply standing in the same room with Urban is awesome. You can quote me on that.

“We Were Us” is featured on his latest album, Fuse.

Urban is back on the road this week with Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch during his Light the Fuse tour. They’ll perform Friday (Oct. 25) in Tulsa, Okla., before heading to Louisiana for shows Saturday in Bossier City and Sunday in Lafayette.

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