Carrie Underwood Considers God’s Unconditional Love

There is a passage in the Bible, Romans 8:38-39, Carrie Underwood loves. It’s about how nothing, including death, life, angels, demons, present, future, powers, height, depth and/or more can ever separate anyone from God’s love. And that long list is part of the reason why this is one of Underwood’s favorite Scriptures.

“This Scripture says that you are always loved no matter what. I love all the commas in these verses — neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor demons. It’s so powerful,” Underwood explains in the new book, Once-a-Day Country Faith: 56 Reflections From Today’s Leading Country Music Stars. “The thing that draws me as an adult is the way it reminds us of God’s unconditional love. I love it because it basically says, ’You can make a mistake and it’s okay.'”

She goes on to says that this verse can show people that they are good enough for God’s love when they might be thinking that they are not. Underwood thinks that people have a voice in their head that is the devil saying, “You’re not good enough. Look at all these things you do. There’s too many things in your past and in your present, too many things in the world that make you not good enough for God’s love.”

That is simply not true, says Underwood, because this Scripture tells us nothing can separate us. Not even those times when you wake up in Vegas and you don’t even know your last name? Not even when you take a Louisville Slugger to your ex-boyfriend’s headlights? No. Not even those. “It just doesn’t matter,” she said. “It’s just knowing that your creator loves you unconditionally.”