Lucy Hale Sounds Good to Me

Lucy Hale sounds like an old song on the radio, a song you grew up to and everybody knows. Seriously. I know I’m just using the lyrics to the Pretty Little Liars star’s debut country single “You Sound Good to Me,” but it’s true. The actor-turned-singer sounds very legit, very country and very much like a sure thing for country radio.

Hale’s full-length video premiered Wednesday (Jan. 8) on CMT and CMT Pure.

The new song — and the video — do everything right. There’s a great hook, there’s a road trip with good friends in a convertible and there’s fiddle. So much fiddle. The video, by the way, was filmed in late 2013 and was directed by Philip Andelman, who has worked with Taylor Swift on videos like “Everything Has Changed,” “Begin Again” and “Safe and Sound.”

Since Hale’s Pretty Little Liars series doesn’t start filming again for a few months, that means she has some time to get out there and sing. Plus, the word is that Hale’s full album is due out in late spring. So I expect the pretty little singer to be very busy in the coming months.

Because of her TV fame, Hale should be used to being a celebrity, especially in the celebrity-friendly town of Nashville, but she’s already been approached by some fellow country singers. She told USA Today that Trace Adkins knocked on her dressing room door during a TV taping in November.

“He’s got this deep voice, and he’s like, the hugest human ever. Standing next to him was hysterical,” Hale said. “His daughter wanted a picture.”

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