Carrie Underwood Names Names on Glam Squad

Carrie Underwood is pretty famous for never really acting famous. When she’s out on tour, she always says she likes to cook her own meals, do her own laundry and take control when it comes to her hair and makeup.

But in a recent interview with Vogue magazine , Underwood admits there are three people she counts on to keep her looking gorgeous in general.

Mike Fisher: Obviously, loving her husband makes her glow from the inside. But working out with the professional hockey player is also important for Underwood because that’s how she stays healthy and keeps up her stamina, thanks to exercising with him. “My friends who knew Mike in high school tell me that he never worked out with any of his girlfriends before me,” she said. “They were like, ’Oh, you work out with him? Wow, this is serious.'”

Erin Oprea: She’s Underwood’s official trainer. “I have a trainer who I work with a couple of times a week. It makes my workouts on my own better because I understand proper form,” she said. Oprea has been Underwood’s personal trainer since 2007, according to her website.

Melissa Schleicher: The owner of Parlour 3 salon in Nashville’s Brentwood area, she’s the one who cuts and colors Underwood’s long blond hair. “When I don’t have to color my hair, I don’t. I actually haven’t colored it for about six months,” Underwood told the magazine. “Over the winter, I’m off tour, so I can relax.” She also admitted that when she’s not able to get to Schleicher, she’s pretty good with a curling iron herself and that her hair holds a curl well. “It looks the same at 10 p.m. as it does at 10 a.m,” Underwood said.

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