Tim McGraw’s Girls Are Lookin’ at That Girl

Teenagers watch your every move. And fortunately for Tim McGraw, his three impressionable daughters are watching the best. Because they are watching his wife, Faith Hill.

McGraw and Hill’s three daughters — Grace (almost 17), Maggie (15) and Audrey (12) — have the very best role model right in their own home.

“I think the best thing, or the greatest thing, my girls have going for them is having their mother as a role model,” he said in a quote from his record label. “I think that all they have to do is watch her and be exposed to how she lives her life and the way she treats people and the way she takes care of her family.”

Taking care of her family is definitely Hill’s priority right now. Even though McGraw has been touring and recording nonstop throughout their 17-year marriage, Hill has kept her music industry commitments to a minimum during the past eight years. She’s done the Las Vegas show at the Venetian with McGraw, but other than that, she’s been staying out of the spotlight and staying close to her family. Hill’s last studio album (not including her Christmas album in 2008) was Fireflies in 2005.

McGraw added there is no better woman who his girls could look up to.

“I think that they’re learning the best lesson that they could possibly learn just having her as someone to look up to and as someone to learn from,” he said.

“Lookin’ for That Girl,” McGraw’s latest single, will be on his new album scheduled for release in May.