Tim McGraw Reveals “Shotgun Rider” and Charades Prowess

I thought it was deja vu all over again. When I heard Tim McGraw was going to be performing “Shotgun Rider” on Wednesday (Feb. 19) night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, I was thrilled. I’d loved that song when he did it as a duet with Faith Hill on his 2007 Let It Go album.

But this? This is a completely different, brand new song. And I loved it. Judging from the applause on Fallon’s show, I think everyone there did, too. (However, with McGraw in his black cowboy hats, a snug black Henley shirt and gray flat front trousers, they might have just been enthusiastic over his sex symbol status.)

The new song is a very up-tempo, pretty infectious invitation to go along with him — and God knows where they’ll go — because she is the only one he wants as his shotgun rider, sitting right beside him, singing to the radio.

McGraw didn’t just come to sing, though. He came to play. Playtime involved three rounds of charades with Fallon and show guests Bradley Cooper and Emma Thompson.

“I’m stuck with you?” McGraw asked Fallon when he found out they were on the same team.

Their first try was the 1993 sports movie Cool Runnings, and McGraw guessed Forrest Gump. Their second one was The Wolf of Wall Street. McGraw did a great job of acting like a wolf, and that’s all it took for Fallon to guess correctly. For the next one, it was Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” which Cooper almost guessed, but McGraw beat him to it. So Team McGraw/Fallon won, but Cooper and Thompson were a solid second.