I Want a “Mother Like Mine” for Mother’s Day

When my three kids ask me what I want for Mother’s Day, I always say I just want them to write me a song.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love a good homemade card, an extra heartfelt hug or maybe a Starbucks in bed. But what mother wouldn’t love a song like The Band Perry’s “Mother Like Mine”?

The band didn’t release this song as a single — although country radio would be doing the world a huge favor if they’d play it all day long Sunday (May 11) — but it’s one of my favorites from their Pioneer album released exactly one year ago. And it’s the only song on the album siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry wrote without any outside writers.

Even though I tend to gravitate toward any and all maternal themes in country music (Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” Martina McBride’s “Blessed” and Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day” among them), no other song captures the perspective that makes this ballad of motherhood into a bit of a love song.

But this one isn’t about how much you love your babies. It’s about how much they love you. And not just as their own mother but as bigger-picture mother to the whole world. It paints a picture of what the world would be like if you were raising everyone as your own.

If the world had a mother like you, The Band Perry sings, the wars would be over, the grass would be greener, the cares would be freer, the dreams would be deeper and the dishes would all be cleaner.

But it’s the line about “I’d share her if I could” that gets me, no matter how many times I’ve heard it.