Why Luke Bryan Calls New Song “Chill Bump City”

Is being young and in the middle of a summer love enough to give Luke Bryan goose bumps? Maybe. Maybe not. But saying goodbye at the end of that summer? Yeah, that’ll do it.

When I was in Nashville at Luke Bryan’s No. 1 celebration a couple of weeks ago, he talked about what he loved about his new single “Roller Coaster” the minute he heard it.

“Even before we started making Crash My Party, it was one of the first songs I heard. I was in the Sony ATV parking lot, and Cole (Swindell) and Michael (Carter) called me, and they just said, ’We got one we wanna play you,'” Bryan recalled of that day. “I heard it, and chill bump city. I had tears in my eyes.”

He didn’t say exactly what gave him those chill bumps, but I am guessing it was this part:

“What I just can’t get past/Is the way we let it end/Now I’m wondering where she is/Knowing I can’t get that goodbye back.”

But Bryan did say part of the reason he was so moved was because of how happy he was for Swindell and Carter.

“This was a year and a-half ago, and these guys were still coming into their own as writers. They didn’t have another huge writer in the room with them. But they wrote an amazing song,” Bryan added. “I always thought it was one of the strongest songs on the album. And I’m ready for radio to hear it, like it, love it and play it.”

The song’s video was shot in Panama City Beach, Fla., but is much more romantic and a lot less rowdy than the way Bryan usually does Panama City.