Miranda Lambert Takes Care of Her Face, Too

“You can’t put Spanx on your face.”

That’s why Miranda Lambert says she is taking good care of her skin. And it’s why I love her even more — for candid comments like that that tell me she’s thinking what we’re all thinking.

Because she’s absolutely right. You have to kind of baby your skin while you’re young because there’s no camouflaging it when you get older. Makeup only goes so far.

“People are starting to ask me about Botox, too,” Lambert said in an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal. “They’ll say, ’Are you opposed to plastic surgery?’ I’m like, ’I don’t know. Depends on what I look like in 10 years. Depends on what goes where.’

“I just want to take care of my face. There’s Spanx for everything else,” Lambert said. “You can’t put Spanx on your face.”

Spanx, for those not in the shape-wear know, is a line of slimming slips, bodysuits, mid-thigh shapers and, my personal favorite, the Skinny Britches. They are all girdle-like in their compression abilities but without all the bells, whistles, straps, buckles and lace of the ones your mom might’ve worn.

Anyway, Lambert’s skincare conversation is part of a bigger story in the magazine’s conversation about her healthy new lifestyle and slim figure. What motivated her to lose the 20 pounds was, in the beginning, mean people.

“TV is very unforgiving,” she said. “And people can be really mean. But I didn’t lose weight for any other reason than for me. I’ve dealt with negative comments about my body my whole life. I didn’t want to give anybody any more fuel.”