Florida Georgia Line Feel Like the Luckiest Dudes

Sometimes, overnight success is a little hard to explain. And for Florida Georgia Line, it’s even a little hard to believe.

So when the duo’s Brian Kelley tries to explain this new life to his family, he admits that he has a hard time wrapping his own head around all that’s happened since “Cruise” in 2012.

“Our families, our friends, our fans, our team have been so supportive from day one,” Kelley said in a radio interview. “But anytime this kind of thing happens, every day we wake up it’s like, ’Is this really our life?'”

Kelley went on to say that while things don’t usually happen this quickly — it’s only been two years since that debut hit pushed the band from obscurity to celebrity — their timing just happened to be right.

“It’s just a really good time in country music. People are taking chances. A lot of great new artists (and) a lot of older artists that are still creating great country music. We just feel like the luckiest dudes to be a part of it, to feel welcomed, to feel the support from country radio, the fans. It feels like everybody’s cheerin’ for us.”

The other half of the band, Tyler Hubbard, says that he tells his family and friends the same basic thing.

“I mean, we just tell them what it’s like,” he explained. “I mean, it’s a fun life, it’s a hectic life and kinda crazy. And we get to do what we love every single night, so it’s a very blessed life that we live. We worked hard to get here so we’re enjoying the fruits of our labor.”

And yet, no matter how hectic Florida Georgia Line’s lives have become, they still find time once in a while to hang with the fans who come out to their shows early enough to tailgate. And I’m not saying they will be roaming around the parking lots in Cleveland on Friday (July 18) and Cincinnati on Saturday (July 19). Then again, I’m not saying they won’t, either.