Florida Georgia Line’s Boy Band Inspiration

Concert Firsts for Brain Kelley and Tyler Hubbard

The late ‘90s were a good time for Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley. It was also a really good time for the Backstreet Boys. But first … Kelley.

Somewhere around 1997-98, the future Florida Georgia Line member was in sixth grade when he got his first taste of a pretty big concert. You might even say that it inspired him to be the live act he is today.

Kelley admitted in a recent radio interview that one of the very first shows he ever went to happened kind of by accident.

“Don’t judge me,” he said. “I think it was one of my first. When I was in like sixth grade, we had family friends — and I was friends with the son and it was his sister’s birthday — so I tagged along and got invited to go to a Backstreet Boys concert.”

Kelley didn’t specify what show he saw, but since he’s the Florida of Florida Georgia Line, I’m going to guess it took place somewhere around Jacksonville.

But Kelley wasn’t just some crazy boy band fan in the late ‘90s. He admits he also caught a Lonestar show back in the day.

The other half of the band, Tyler Hubbard, said his first concert experience was probably something a little different.

“It had to be in the Christian realm,” he said. “I think it was like Casting Crowns, maybe Third Day — one of the two.”