Zac Brown Wants More Fests in More Cities

But When Will Enough Be Enough?

One’s too many, and 10 ain’t enough. You could say the same about drinking and country music festivals these days.

Just Tuesday morning (Jan. 27), another three-day fest was added to the mix. The Windy City LakeShake Festival — featuring Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley and more — is billing itself as the first of its kind in Chicago.

And on top of that, it sounds like Zac Brown is getting ready to grow his own personal music festival business, which will fuel the fest fires.

In a recent radio interview, Brown talked about taking his Southern Ground Music and Food Festival way outside the Southern grounds.

“The idea is to get to where we do 10 music and food festivals at different spots around the nation, and we get to be set up there for two or three days. So, we’re looking at 30 of our shows every year will be set up in the same cities, and we’re just building it slow and steady,” Brown said. “And making sure that the locations are right and that the community’s welcoming us, but everything’s been good so far.”

For those of you, like me, who are addicted to country music and the idea of any and all festivals, this is all great news. Country Thunder, LakeShake, Southern Ground, the CMA Music Festival, Stagecoach and so many more.

Will you ever get sick of country fests? Can we ever have too many?