Is Tim McGraw Signing With the Green Bay Packers?

Or Is Brett Favre Singing Country Music?

I’m not sure who I’d rather see lose this challenge — Tim McGraw or Brett Favre.

I would be beyond thrilled to hear Favre try to sing McGraw’s 2010 song “Felt Good on My Lips.” Then again, seeing McGraw in Favre’s Green Bay Packers jersey would be a little gift from football heaven.

The two are challenging each other to get followers on Sqor, the Twitter-like social network for sports fans and athletes, and Brett Favre is on Sqor’s board of directors.

So this was his initial challenge to McGraw: “You get 10,000 followers or users before April 1, then I will sing a line from any one of your songs. If you do not, you wear one of my jerseys for 24 hours straight. Faith will be kicking you out. That is, if I win. Good luck.”

His post also encourages fans, saying, “I need your help here! Don’t you want to see Tim McGraw wearing my Packers jersey for 24 hours??”

Via video, McGraw accepted the challenge on Friday (Feb. 27).

We will have to wait for April 1 to see who wins and who loses, but as long as there are more videos of these two, I think it’s really a win-win situation.