The Hearts Chris Kyle Left Behind

“This Song Is Chris,” Says Kyle’s Widow

Lt. Pete Scobell served in the Navy for 17 years. He was deployed six times as a Navy SEAL. He has two bronze stars with valor. And now he’s got a hit country song, “Hearts I Leave Behind.”

And there are a few people who helped him get from the SEALs to the stage:

1. The late Chris Kyle, whose life was profiled in the recent American Sniper movie. Scobell got to know Kyle’s widow Taya after he died.

2. Country singer Wynonna Judd, who Scobell is currently touring with.

3. And songwriter Travis Meadows, who originally recorded “Hearts I Leave Behind,” which he wrote with Nick Sturms, for his 2013 Old Ghosts and Unfinished Business album.

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