What’s the Verdict, Keith Urban?

"It's Tricky," He Says of "Blurred Lines" Ruling

Who’s to say what is right or wrong about the way a song influences another song?

Well, in this case, a judge in California and an eight-person unanimous jury.

Last week, the California court ruled Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams stole from Marvin Gaye’s 1977 song “Got to Give It Up” when they collaborated on their hit song “Blurred Lines.” And that ruling surprised Keith Urban.

“It’s tough because everybody is influenced by things. They always say the art of originality is knowing how to hide your sources,” Urban told People.

“It’s tricky. My initial reaction from it, I was shocked, honestly,” he added. “Seems more like a sound and a feel and a style and a genre and an era, none of which can be copyrighted.”

Thicke and Williams will now have to hand over nearly $7.4 million to the late singer’s estate.

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