How Did Luke Bryan Hurt His Elbow?

Singer's Sling Causes Fan Concern

“No biggie,” Luke Bryan said in a weekend tweet after a few photos of him in an arm sling started making the rounds on social media and his fans started asking questions and sharing their concerns.

Bryan can say, “No biggie,” but when more than 800 people retweet your tweet, it kind of is a biggie.

Bryan’s left arm is in a sling from the Vanderbilt Bone and Joint physicians group in Nashville. When I first learned about it, I have to admit I wondered if something had happened while he was at spring training with the Chicago White Sox.

But since he admitted it was something he’d been putting off, it was probably something like chronic tendonitis, which is fairly common among anyone who holds the neck of a guitar nearly every day of their life.

He’ll be back on the road for an April 12 appearance at the Country Thunder USA festival in Florence, Arizona.

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