6 Reasons You Should Be Loving “Girl Crush”

An Analysis of Little Big Town's Misunderstood Song

The members of Little Big Town have done nothing wrong. But because of a handful of complaints to country radio and a resulting media buzz that has become bigger than the song itself, their “Girl Crush” is the victim here.

Just because the song was initially misunderstood by a few vocal country radio listeners, we’re all suffering from what I call LOLBT — Lack of Little Big Town. (Actually, the single continues to climb Billboard’s country airplay chart, so it’s not like the song has been banished from the radio.)

However, I’ve come up with a list of reasons why country radio stations should play “Girl Crush” and why fans should embrace it.

1. At its very core, this song is just a bittersweet breakup song. He has left, and she’s become a little obsessed with the one he left her for. “I don’t get no sleep/I don’t get no peace/Thinking about her/Under your bed sheets.” That is textbook country. And in a way, that alone makes this tune more country than most of the Top 20 songs being played on country radio right now.

2. It’s from Little Big Town, for God’s sake. They’re one of the most well-liked bands in the genre.

3. There are four Little Big Towners, and combined, they have zero controversies to their name. The most scandalous thing they’ve done is marry each other. (Congrats, Jimi Westbrook and his wife — Karen Fairchild.)

4. The confusion over the song came from people who heard the title and jumped to the completely wrong conclusion. It’s not about a same-sex relationship or “promoting the gay agenda,” as some outraged listeners claim. But even if it was, how could anyone have a problem with that in this day and age?

5. Country radio could use more super-slow ballads. Like junior-prom, slow-dance slow.

6. You don’t get to the top of the iTunes chart unless somebody likes the song.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.