Inside a Florida Georgia Line Bachelor Party Weekend

Tyler Hubbard + Nine Friends + Three Nights = "Much-Needed Man-Weekend"

This is Florida Georgia Line we’re talking about. So it’s not like I expected that Tyler Hubbard’s bachelor party would be at a swanky white-tablecloth restaurant and everyone would be cleaned up and in suits and ties, sipping on vodka martinis and taking in a show.

Hubbard’s bachelor party sounds like it was exactly what you’d expect a Florida Georgia Line party to be.

“Well, first of all, I’ll say it wasn’t one night, it was three nights,” he said of the weekend celebration organized by his best man and FGL partner Brian Kelley.

“It was just me and about nine buddies, all my best friends at the house, we did it out at my place. I got a little land, so we just spread out, had fun, kinda acted like kids again, 12 years old just playin’ on toys and shooting guns and building fires and eatin’ really good food, drinkin’ some wine, drinkin’ some whiskey, drinkin’ some beer,” Hubbard revealed (and while he didn’t specifically say they drank moonshine, I’d bet money that they drank moonshine.) “Kinda just doin’ it all. So we had a good time, and it was a much-needed man-weekend for sure.”

I’m not sure exactly when this bachelor weekend was, but I know where Hubbard was this past weekend. He was at the Indy 500, having an “epic experience” and hanging out at Indianapolis’ famous St. Elmo Steak House with his fiancee Hayley Stommel.
“Last time we were here was almost two years ago and I asked her to be my girl … we were totally like 5th graders and she checked YES. #luckyman #stelmoslove,” Hubbard posted on Instagram.