Scotty McCreery, Wynonna Detail New Music to CMT Hot 20 Countdown

Kristian Bush Says Music Transcends International Boundaries

With another CMA Music Festival on the books, the four-day event in downtown Nashville provided the perfect stage for introducing new tunes to fans.

And in an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown’s Cody Alan, American Idol alumnus Scotty McCreery revealed that plans are already in the works for his forthcoming album, as well.

“We’ve been in the studio since the beginning of this year, and we’ve got five songs already,” McCreery said. “Deciding on a single this week, hopefully.”

The North Carolina native says it’s been the best experience he’s ever had in the studio.

“This one’s been awesome, man,” he said. “This has kind of been the most free I’ve been making a record. I’ve been here more than I’ve been pretty much anywhere else this year — writing and finding music — and I’m really proud. I’m a little biased, but I think we’ve got some pretty cool stuff.”

Wynonna and husband Cactus Moser have also been hard at work on her eighth studio album, a project Moser calls organically real and honest.

“This new record is very honest, very sort of broken down, yet rockin’,” he said. “It’s really kind of taking either what she or I did in my Highway 101 years and take sandpaper and just scuffed it up.”

“I tell people onstage every night that I’m blessed and broken and I’m at a really raw, vulnerable, exciting, joyful place,” she added. “I’m just trying to find celebration through this music business stuff, you know? Trying to find my way through and get to the truth of why it is I love to sing. “

Wynonna says there’s is a song in her heart no matter what she goes through in life. It’s a statement most any music fan can relate to. In fact, attendees from more than 20 countries were present this year, breaking down geographical language barriers in the name of art.

Kristian Bush who was fresh off his own tour in Japan echoed the sentiment that music transcends all.

“I always was curious whether it was the lyric or it was the melody or it was the rhythm,” he said. “They remind me that it’s all three of those things. So if you’re missing a word, you can at least dance.”

And that’s exactly what fans did during the singer’s performance of his latest single, “Light Me Up.”

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