Maddie & Tae and Bargain Hunting

Clearance Items Come First

You’d think that if you were kind of an overnight sensation, you’d reward yourself with at least a few big luxuries. Maybe not sports cars and lake houses. Just little things … like full-price designer sunglasses. But that’s not the case for Maddie & Tae.

Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye recently admitted to that they are coupon-clipping, bargain-hunting, deal-finders.

“I went to American Eagle the other day and found this awesome jumper that looked like Free People,” Marlow said. “I love Free People, but some of the pieces are like (the price of) my car note, so it’s just not gonna work out.

“But I found this awesome jumper, the price was like $50. … I took it to the register, and they were like, ‘Yeah, it’s in clearance!’ I took it to the register to see. Sometimes you’ve just got to make sure.”

She also revealed that she and Dye used to have a pact that they would not spend more than $5 on a pair of sunglasses. But that changed once their debut single “Girl in a Country Song” hit the top of the charts.

“When we got our No. 1 song, we were like, ‘OK, we’ll start spending $10 on sunglasses,’” Marlow said. “But I was so sad because, in Hawaii, we were on this boat looking at sea turtles and awesome stuff and both of us had our favorite sunglasses. Of course, the ones that I spent $16 on. I broke the rule. They flew off into the ocean.”

There’s no telling how much they’ll up their sunglasses budget once their debut album Start Here is released at the end of August.

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