The First Time Maddie & Tae Felt Famous

All Because of a Little Fender-Bender

You know that feeling of dread that consumes you when you tap someone’s car with your car, and you know it’s your fault? That happened recently to Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow, but she actually loved it.

Because here’s what happened:

“I accidentally kind of fender-bendered this guy not too long ago. It wasn’t much damage. But I told him, ‘Whatever it is, I’ll pay it. Just send me the invoice,’” she told me when Maddie & Tae were in Chicago recently.

“So I get a call from him finally, about two weeks after the fact, and he says he got an estimate for the damage and it’s going to be $800 dollars. And I was like, ‘OK, I guess I’ll figure out how to make that happen.’”

As it turns out, though, the man had a better plan.

He told Marlow, “I had your name written down on a sticky note, and my daughter wanted to know why I had your name written down. Once I explained the story to her, she said, ’You know that’s Maddie from Maddie & Tae right?'”

“So then he told me, ‘I had no idea who you were, and our whole family is huge fans of y’all. If you could just send a signed picture instead, that would be great,'” Marlow recalled.

Marlow didn’t tell me if she paid the original bill for the damage to the man’s car, but she did say that they sent the family every single Maddie & Tae merch item they had, all autographed. And they plan on sending the family concert tickets, too.

“The fame had never, never paid off like that before,” Marlow joked.

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