Ashley Monroe: “Miranda Lambert Always Asks for My Lip Gloss”

And Other Secrets Revealed in Contents of Her Purse

Miranda Lambert always asks for my lip gloss!” singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe admits.

Monroe recently spilled the contents of her purse for Us magazine while spilling the beans on the goodies inside, including a swank clear gloss from Chanel.

We don’t blame Lambert for wanting to get her hands on that luxe lip goodness.

And if she gets tired of gloss, Lambert can just go for one of Monroe’s many lipsticks floating in the bag.

“There’s a lot of lipstick in here,” Monroe joked, revealing she loves MAC’s Please Me and Kinda Sexy offerings, in case you wanted to know how she achieves her glam look.

And if you want to get fit and healthy like Monroe, you’ll need to stock up hand sanitizer, vitamins for skin and hair and those ThinkThin protein bars and Pirate’s Booty snack packs, both delicious, nutritious and always present with Monroe as she travels.

Also on hand are her “cozy” Lululemon yoga pants, though she admits she doesn’t normally use them.

No judgment here! I’ve long believed that simply putting on the workout pants constitutes as a workout.

Other interesting items uncovered in Monroe’s Louis Vuitton were baseball cards of her husband, Chicago White Sox star John Danks, Band-Aids, gummy worms, a Brookstone fuzzy blanket and some nasal spray.

Hey, a girl’s gotta be prepared for anything!

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