Carrie Underwood on the Day the Car Doors Locked

She Recalls Her Scariest Moment With Infant Son

Carrie Underwood says motherhood has added a “wonderful new layer, a new dimension” to her life, but it also provided a degree of drama last month when her infant son Isaiah was momentarily locked inside her car.

Underwood talked about that day during an interview with radio station WUSN/Chicago.

“We were at the airport, the car was running, the radio was on, the air conditioning was on, our family kind of came to see us off,” Underwood said this week. “As you do, you get out of the front seat and you shut the door so you can turn around so you can get your luggage out.”

All pretty standard operating airport procedures.

Until her dogs Ace and Penny started causing trouble inside the car.

“Immediately, one of the dogs jumped up on the little control panel on the door, and I heard the thing click. I was like, ‘The doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked!'” she recalled. “Of course, nobody had a spare set of keys. It was my inlaws’ car. We were trying to jimmy open the car door. Nobody had a hanger. I was trying to get the dogs to come back over and do the same thing and unlock the door.”

All to no avail, so they ended up having to break the window. Everyone was safe, which is all that matters. However, Underwood admits that the dogs may not be so welcome in the the family’s cars.