Brad Paisley: The Silver Lining of Divorce

How Good Country Comes From Bad Times

Divorce is no laughing matter. It’s heartbreaking, it’s shocking and it’s something most people try desperately to avoid. But it is good for something, according to Brad Paisley.

It can make for some really solid country songs.

Blake (Shelton) and Miranda (Lambert) got a divorce, and in our format it’s a big deal because they are two of the biggest artists. And that was such a bummer,” Paisley told Access Hollywood recently. “I’m friends with them, good friends with Blake. And so I was like, ’That’s a bummer.'”

As if that news wasn’t bad enough, two more divorces were announced soon after.

“Then Reba (McEntire) gets a divorce like right away, right after it, and then the singer Jake Owen gets a divorce,” he added. “And by the third one, I’m like, cool — now it’s an outbreak.”

Here’s the silver lining, though.

“(It’s) good for country music — better songwriting, you know? There’s nothing worse than, ’Oh I love you, everything’s great.’ It’s better like, ’You cheating, no good liar,'” he said. “Those are the songs that you want to hear in our format. So that’s all good.”

Paisley was joking about it being a good thing, obviously, but deep down, I know he’s really on to something.

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