16 Intense Moments from Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

In Honor of #SteveAustinDay

Before Steve Austin was inviting elite athletes to his Broken Skull Ranch, he was known as the professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. During his professional wrestling career he created the well-known and often-used catchphrase “Austin 3:16.” In honor of 3/16/16 and in no particular order, I have created a list of 16 intense moments from Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge you should relive.

Kristen vs. Nina in Summit
Physical contact usually doesn’t happen during the Summit until higher up the hill, but Nina’s strategy was a bit different.

Lee vs. Ryan in Snatch
Steve says, “It was clean play, it was just physical.”

Ogum vs. Melissa in Trench Warfare
Steve says, “The twerking is working.”

Ian vs. Tommy in Skullbuster
Steve says, “You’re a badass champion.”

Emily vs. Jodi in Summit
Steve says, “Performance talks, B.S. walks”

John vs. Tim in Drag Race
Steve says, “That was pure human performance.”

Robin vs. Skullbuster
Steve says, “Three feet from the bell, three feet from beating my Skullbuster, three feet from victory”

Dustin vs. Khurtis in Trench Warfare
Dustin didn’t give Khurtis a chance.

Jen vs. Danielle in Snatch
Steve says, “You don’t just have cardio in the gas tank, you’ve got a mean streak.”

Doug vs. Michael in Snatch
Steve says, “I love me some Snatch.”

Ana vs. Amanda in The Pit
Steve says, “That’s the best Pit we’ve ever had at Broken Skull Ranch.”

Todd vs. Skullbuster
Steve says, “I have a lot of respect for the way he attacked this course.”

Sierra vs. Candice in Loaded
Steve says, “Sometimes you lose traction, and then you lose your hopes of going on to the next round.”

Josh vs. Steve in Trench Warfare
Steve says, “Let’s stop talking and start doing.”

Anna vs. Jacqueline in Loaded
Steve says, “Devastating turn of events”

Andrew vs. Cody in Rip Off
Steve says, “That’s a helluva scrap”

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