A Little Bit of Home With Craig Morgan

A Whole Lot More to Me Lands June 3

There are few road signs on the last stretch of country road to Craig Morgan’s house outside Dickson, Tennessee. But there are at least four houses of God with some enlightening roadside wisdom. A Presbyterian church sign reads, “When we focus on the rain, we never see the rainbow.”

A springtime rain had just doused the woods around Morgan’s 500-acre farm, turning the leaves on the trees into vibrant shades of green. Morgan is chatting with his publicist in the kitchen, while two patties of freshly cooked elk sausage rest on a paper towel by the stove. An 11-year-old retired bird dog named Sam takes a breather by the refrigerator covered in family photos, schedules and calendars.

“She’s hanging on like a hair on a biscuit,” he says. The poor pooch has a brain tumor and doggy chemo has aged her fast.

A black barn cat meows at the door to be let in, but it’s time to head outside to check the beehives in the backyard. Another five hives are on the property two miles away and 100 more are in Florida for his new honey business, Morgan Farm Honey.

There’s definitely truth in the title of Morgan’s latest album A Whole Lot More to Me, like the fact that the Army veteran and musician is a five-year beekeeper who lives in a homesteader’s paradise.

“I’m very much into this self-sustained lifestyle,” he says as he pumps a smoker, igniting the straw stuffed in the chamber to calm the bees. “Environmentally, there’s nothing better. It’s the most important thing we can do, to be quite honest.”

Most of the spaces on the farm are handmade by Morgan and his two sons, who will be high school graduates in two days. His beehives were built by hand. A small greenhouse made of reclaimed doors and barn wood houses a solar-powered hydroponic system with fish tanks of catfish and tilapia below a shelf of homegrown organic lettuces. An orchard of peach, pear, plum and apple trees grows by a garden of tomatoes, peppers, beans and asparagus.

Why would anyone want to leave?

“I think we all should take more pride in our towns,” Morgan says. “My two youngest, they can’t freaking wait to get out of this town. It’s like, shoot, man. I couldn’t wait to stay. I love being home.”

Morgan’s love of home in Dickson and beyond is all over A Whole Lot More to Me, which lands Friday (June 3). It’s his most inspirational and compelling work to date, starting with the powerful current single “I’ll Be Home Soon.”

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