Carrie Underwood: “My Body Can Do Anything”

Star Opens Up About Her Health, Then and Now

It’s hard to imagine a world where Carrie Underwood packed on the Freshman Fifteen.

And maybe she didn’t. But in the latest issue of Us Weekly, she makes it sound like she enjoyed all the freedoms — and junk food — that came with her years at Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University.

“I mean, every college student ate a lot of pizza and fast food,” Underwood said. “I would’ve been like, ‘Sandwiches are good, too. Try some of those.’” But those days and those pounds are way behind her, and she says she feels so much better now because of how she takes care of herself.

Underwood is quick to point out, though, that even though she was a little bit heavier back then than she is now, she was not fat.

“Apparently, I was fat,” she said, reflecting on some of the remarks on her weight while she was on American Idol in her young 20s. “Of course, I wasn’t, but sometimes words people chose aren’t the nicest.”

A pretty strict vegan diet with minimal splurges (“I’m a sucker for a good cobbler,” she admits), plus some extremely challenging workouts (“If I go for a jog and I meet up with a good hill, I will lunge up the hill,” she says), are what have Underwood in the best shape of her life.

“I feel like I have reached a place in my life and with my body,” she said, adding that that’s when she thinks to herself, “I have had a baby, my body can do anything.”