Thomas Rhett Says Wife Was the Real Winner of His CMT Music Award

"She Definitely Made This Song Everything It Was"

Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man” won male video of the year honors at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night (June 8), but he told me his wife Lauren is the real winner.

“I never thought I’d convince her to be in a video with me, but that fact that she was in this one, to me, it means that she definitely won this award tonight,” he said when we caught up backstage after the show. “And she definitely made this song everything it was.”

The way he approaches music videos now is much different from 2012, when his first two videos — “Something to Do With My Hands” and “Beer With Jesus” — debuted.

“In the beginning,” he said, “it was all about, ‘How do I look the best that I can? Who can we hire as the hottest girls to be in the video? How do we basically just make it look like all the other videos that are out there?’”

Then he learned there were other ways to make videos.

“As you go through the process, you figure out who you are as an artist and who you are as a person,” he said. “So for me, very quickly along the way, it was more like, ‘I’m not gonna be in a video making out with anyone besides my wife.’ I think that’s what made ‘Die a Happy Man’ such a special video.”

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