If He’s Honest, Blake Shelton Says It Was Meant to Be

He Tells Chelsea Handler About the Surprises of His Past Year

It was just about a year ago — on July 20 — that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert confirmed they were divorcing after four years of marriage.

In that time, both Shelton and Lambert have started to move on with their lives. And, according to Shelton, he was inspired to make music about what’s happened since.

“All this has to be meant to happen, so I made a record about it,” he told comedian Chelsea Handler on her new Netflix talk show Chelsea.

While Shelton only co-wrote three of the 15 tracks on his latest album, If I’m Honest, he told Handler it reflects moments that kind of faded in and faded out over the last year.

“It would’ve started with last year, when my marriage and everything just fell apart, and then trying to pick the pieces up from being at the rock bottom and then trying to move forward,” Shelton explains. “And next thing you know, (I) find out (Gwen Stefani) is going through basically the same exact thing at the same time. And how my life turned around. So quickly, too, by the way.”

The full episode of Chelsea will be available Thursday (July 7) on Netflix.

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