Brad Paisley’s Thank-You Note to Ohio

He Schedules Free Show for Cincinnati Fans

The price of country concert tickets — especially the good seats — has been skyrocketing lately. Well, at least until Wednesday (July 27) when Brad Paisley announced he’d be doing a free show in Cincinnati.

He is taking Maddie & Tae and Tyler Farr and his whole Life Amplified World Tour to the Riverbend Music Center on Aug. 6.

Paisley made the announcement on Cincinnati’s country radio station WUBE, saying that he was doing the show as a thank you to his fans.

“I had a day off and I love your area and I love the amphitheater, so we’re going to do a free concert with my tour at Riverbend,” Paisley said.

He nestled the show into his schedule, between Pittsburgh on Aug. 5 and St. Louis on Aug. 7.

The bad news for most of us is that the tickets were all distributed within 20 minutes through Ticketmaster and the amphitheater box office, but the good news is that a lot of the tickets were also distributed to local police, fire department and military organizations. WUBE still has some tickets they’re giving away in on-air promotions.

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