Miranda Lambert Pens Album Announcement

47 Seconds in an Airstream Says It All

She’s sitting in her Airstream, writing something with a black Sharpie.

You might think it’s a song, because that’s what Miranda Lambert has proven she is so good at.

But at the end of the mysterious 47-second video on her social media pages, all Lambert reveals in the note is the title of her new album and the release date.

“The Weight Of These Wings, Nov. 18,” she writes.

That simple tweet she posted from her Wanda the Wanderer trailer has already been retweeted more than 600 times.

Lambert’s current single “Vice” is the album’s lead off song, and I’m pretty sure that what’s ahead will be worth the two-year wait.

Her longtime producer Frank Liddell teamed up with Glenn Worf and Eric Masse for this new album.

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