Chris Janson: “Dreams Can Take You by Surprise”

He Thanks 11 Songwriters Who Built Him

The Nashville Songwriters Association International gave out plenty of awards and honors Sunday night (Oct. 9) in Nashville. And 10 of them went to songwriters who had penned this year’s “Songs I Wish I’d Written.”

One of those went to Chris Janson for his hit song “Buy Me a Boat.”

After the ceremony, Janson took to social media to fully explain all the emotions he had when he heard his named called.

“I rarely get nervous. However, when my name was called to win a Songwriter award tonight, I got the same feeling in my heart, that I got when I stepped onto lower Broadway 11 years ago. That feeling of being a little bit intimidated, and in a new territory, an extreme sense of humility,” Janson wrote.

“The feeling of validation, that dreams can come true, and dreams can take you by total surprise when you least expect it. Hard work does pay off,” he said.

He had a long list of people to thank, including Jesus, his wife Kelly, his family, his team and country radio. But mostly Kelly.

“I wanna give a special thank you to my wife Kelly #1, for believing in me, ALWAYS,” he said.
Then, he thanked his other family — those songwriters who did more than just inspire Janson.

“Second to that, I wanna thank a special list of songwriters that believed in Me through thick and thin. I love them ALL … but I have a special few who REALLY mentored me with every bit of advice, encouragement and skill they could offer. … Ones who didn’t just look at me as an artist, but as a fellow songwriter too,” he said of Chris Dubois, Casey Beathard, Ben Hayslip, Ed Hill, Jeremy Stover, Rodney Clawson, Tom Douglas, Jimmy Yeary, Tim Nichols, Marv Green and Trey Bruce.

“This is one of the best nights of my life. I love my job,” he said at the end of his lengthy post.