Blake Shelton Fakes Shot of “First Milk”

Goes Over Cow-Milking Basics with Jimmy Fallon

For anyone who doubts Blake Shelton’s country bonafides, just watch him milk a cow.

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Shelton took Fallon to Riverdale Stables in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx in New York City to teach him how to handle Oreo, which he did. But what was even more impressive is the way Shelton seemed so at ease around the cow’s udder.

“You don’t just reach out and grab a teat,” Shelton explains to Fallon, after telling him he is dressed like Howdy Doody. “This is all about romance and finesse. Have a connection with Oreo. You don’t grab a girl’s teat like that.”

“You reach up, and you come down,” he says of the proper method. “Gently squeeze and then push down. It’s more of a squeeze-push than a stroke.”

It’s like Shelton has been milking cows all his life.

And so voila, it eventually works, and their bowl fills with milk. That’s when Shelton tells Fallon that it’s on old farming tradition to do “a shot of your first milk.”

Fallon complies. But Shelton? He just throws his shot of milk over his shoulder. Because obviously, this was not his first milk.

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