Mike Fisher’s Byline Makes Carrie Underwood Cry

Highlights of His 2000-Word Epistle

Until today, I only knew of Mike Fisher the hockey player, Mike Fisher the husband, and Mike Fisher the father. I never thought of him as Mike Fisher the writer.

But after having read his 2,000-word love letter to hockey and its fans, I agree with Carrie Underwood.

When she tweeted the link to this story her husband wrote for The Players Tribune, she said, “This is amazing. Made me cry.”

If you don’t have time to read the entire epistle, here are some of the highlights of Fisher’s account of his time so far with the Nashville Predators.

“We’re so fortunate to play a game for a living, and you always know you can be moved, but it’s pretty jarring to have your entire life and your entire family change in a split second. I was pretty crushed,” Fisher says about finding out he’d been traded to the Predators.

“I knew I was incredibly blessed to be going to Nashville. When I was packing up my stuff to go to the airport, I got a call from Eugene Melnyk, the owner of the Senators. He thanked me for my time in Ottawa, and then he said something I will never, never forget. He said, ‘You know, Fish, I just wanted you to be with your wife.’”

“The hockey culture in Nashville has grown so much in the last few years. We haven’t raised a Cup, but we’ve had some really fun runs in the playoffs. …

“There’s this spot at the Bridgestone Arena where the fans can stand behind a rope and give us fist-bumps as we walk down the tunnel. They’re right there, and it’s always cool. I can’t even describe the passion. You had to see their faces. It was like they were collectively willing us to get that goal. It was the adrenaline shot for us. …

“This is my 17th year in the league. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be a captain. When you get traded to a new team, especially when you’re struggling like I was at the time, you never know how you’ll fit in,” he says of his reaction when coach Peter Laviolette asked him to be the team’s captain.

“Now, after more than 1,000 games and 18 years in this league, I still feel grateful that I get to do what I love to do — play this great game of hockey.”

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