Little Big Town Hope Album Track Isn’t Overlooked

Song About Faith and Family Gets Rousing Response at Texas Concert

With a brand new album out, Little Big Town seem to be everywhere. And they’re talking about the big splashy singles off The Breaker. But in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, they’re also talking about one song that they hope people won’t overlook.

It’s called “Beat-Up Bible.”

“It’s a beautiful, heartfelt sentiment about faith and family. We sang it the other night at the San Antonio Rodeo, and people literally cheered halfway through. It rings true for people right now. They just want to feel some peace,” the band’s Karen Fairchild said.

The song, written by Hillary Lindsey, Shane Stevens and Cary Barlowe, features Fairchild’s bandmate Kimberly Schlapman on lead vocals.

Fairchild added that the whole album was recorded in the sanctuary of producer Jay Joyce’s studio in East Nashville, which is an old church.

“I don’t know if he believes in God, but he owns a church,” she said.

The room had incredible acoustics, Schlapman said, and because the room was so big the band could all be together and make eye contact.

“Jay is in the middle, like the pastor,” she said.