Dierks Bentley Asks for Follows and Donations

His Wife Cassidy Says "I Owe a Lot to Running"

It seems like every day there is a new fake social media account for country stars and their families. But this one’s legit.

Dierks Bentley’s wife Cassidy is on Instagram, for a cause. He tweeted about it on Thursday morning (March 16) asking his fans to donate and follow along.

She is running the Boston Marathon on April 17, and is giving the donations she collects to Safe Haven, a family shelter in Middle Tennessee that helps homeless families get back on their feet.

In a longer post on her fundraiser page she explains why she started running, and what she hope to get out of it for Safe Haven this year.

“My venture into running began 11 years ago,” she writes. “I was new to Nashville, newly married to someone who wasn’t in town very much and I didn’t have many friends. One of the things I did in those early days in town was to go to the gym and walk/run three miles on the treadmill. I’d played sports competitively and had done plenty of sprints when I was young but had never consistently done distance running. I can remember so clearly how long each of those miles felt, how hard it was to get through them and, the game changer, how different, how much better I felt every time I was done.

“Over the weeks and months and years,” she says, “I continued to step onto that treadmill and the miles slowly got a little easier and the runs got longer. I did eventually make some friends, some of whom ran and they dragged me off the treadmill (that I love) onto the road and trails and into races until I was transformed into something that I had never imagined I would be: a runner.”

Her dedication became both a meditative exercise and an escape, she adds, and a way to be more present and to zone out from it all when she needed to.

“I owe a lot to running,” she says.

So far, she’s only posted a few pictures on Instagram — even one of her husband on a hike around Radnor Lake, and one of her daughters’ cheering her on at last year’s marathon — but I’m sure she will be sharing more and more as she gets closer to April 17.

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