Brad Paisley Hints of More Songs With Mick Jagger

Paisley Co-Hosts All-New CMT Hot 20 Countdown This Weekend

When Mick Jagger flies into Nashville to record, Brad Paisley says the pressure to not blow the opportunity is massive.

“You don’t want to be like, ‘Well, we didn’t get anything,'” Paisley tells Katie Cook on an all-new CMT Hot 20 Countdown airing Saturday (April 22) and Sunday (April 23) at 9 a.m. ET.

Paisley initially asked Jagger if he’d like to write sometime when he opened the show for the Rolling Stones’ stadium show in Nashville during the band’s 2015’s Zip Code Tour.

“I said, ‘You should come back when we don’t have anything to do,” Paisley recalled, “and we can write, record, go to dinner and goof around.’ He was like, ‘How’s September?’ That was really the way we got to kick off the album.”

They wrote and recorded their new collaboration “Drive of Shame” for Paisley’s just-released Love and War album in three days.

“We came up with a couple of songs, actually,” Paisley added. “That’s the one that went on here, and he did his vocal and goofed around. We wrote until we had all the lines we wanted, and it was eye-opening for me.

“It’s amazing to me the energy level of this man, having accomplished everything he’s accomplished,” he added of Jagger. “He still has a hunger about him and wanting to be creative.”

Paisley scheduled similar three-day sessions with John Fogerty for the title track and Timabaland for “Solar Power Girl” and “Grey Goose Chase.” Bill Anderson appears on “Dying to See Her.”

For “Gold All Over the Ground,” Paisley used lyrics Johnny Cash once wrote for his wife June.

“This song that I finished of Johnny Cash‘s essentially is his song to June,” Paisley said. “It was words he had written down and he was longing to be with her. John Carter Cash came in, produced the track and said, ‘These are words my dad wrote down about my mom.’

“This song goes right into the Bill Anderson collaboration, ‘I’m Dying to See Her.’ And it feels like one whole story.”

Cook’s full interview with Paisley from his home bar is featured on an all-new CMT Hot 20 Countdown airing Saturday and Sunday (April 22-23) at 9 a.m. ET/PT.