How to Watch an Album

Brad Paisley Delivers a Musical First

We probably all listen to albums in some form or another almost every day. But I think this might be the first time we can all watch an album.

Brad Paisley has outdone himself on his latest album Love and War, not only with his songwriting, singing, and playing, but with the artistic way he has brought each song to life.

He created what he’s calling a Visual Album. What that really means is, he has made videos for all 15 songs. And he wove them together in a way that tells a story with highs and lows and every emotion in between.

“I feel like country music is so relatable to people, and it can take so many forms, so why be pigeonholed with the simplicity of audio when you can pair it with something creative,” Paisley said.

“I hope you’ll laugh, I know you’ll cry. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do,” he added.

According to a press release, Paisley shot the videos all over the country. One was made in a Sleep Number store in a mall, one at a party at Paisley’s parent’s house, one outside the Eastminster Presbyterian church in East Nashville that was destroyed by a fire, and a dozen more locations.

And he threw in plenty of guest stars as well. Paisley’s wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley and David Hasselhoff, for example, both have parts in the brand new “Last Time for Everything” video.

The Love and War Visual Album will be available on Apple Music on Friday (April 28).

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