Karen Fairchild on the Woman’s Intuition

"Being a Woman is a Very Powerful Thing"

In a new Q&A on TheNewPotato.com — an online food and fashion magazine — Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild reveals some of her favorite foods, cities, and styles.

It’s a very breezy and casual conversation. But when the talk turns to music, Fairchild gets down to business with some very solid advice for any girls trying to get into the industry.

“As women, we have to always remember to listen to our instincts and go with our guts,” Fairchild said.

“I think too often girls feel like they have to make concessions or change who they are, or what their music says, to make it in this industry,” she said. “We need to nurture these women to write honest songs, to write from their hearts, and not to pander. Let’s give them some room to do what they do.”

Being a woman is a very powerful thing, Fairchild added, and she recommends that women embrace that and not shy away from it or make excuses for it.

And she had some other advice — for both men and women — about how best to enjoy music.

“Vinyl records. There’s nothing like the experience of a whole record top to bottom. Back to the way music was intended,” she said, “it’s an experience.”

Little Big Town will be playing two shows in Nashville this weekend, May 19 and May 20, at the Ryman Auditorium.

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