Blake Shelton’s Unexplainable Bond

How Adam Levine Drives Him Crazy

Typical Blake Shelton.

You can never really tell how serious he is. So in this new interview with The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville, I have to assume he’s being mostly honest … but with a little bit of sarcasm.

When it comes to Adam Levine, his fellow coach on The Voice, Shelton described their combative relationship like this: “We’re those two guys you knew in high school where we have this bond that is unexplainable. It brings out the best and worst in both of us. It truly is an explosive relationship.”

He added that they are constantly at each other’s throats, and sometimes they really do get mad at each other.

“I know every trick to get under his skin,” Shelton said of Levine, noting that the Maroon 5 member knows how to reciprocate by driving him crazy, too. “Until someone is crying, it doesn’t stop.”

But — and this is what makes me think their bro-mance is real — it seems like their friendship is one of those love/hate kind of things.

“He’s one of the best friends that I have, but I still want to kill him sometimes,” Shelton said.

Shelton will play Daytona’s Country 500 on Memorial Day weekend before heading out on the road for fair and festival season.

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