Dierks Bentley: You’ve Got Mail

The Letters That Mean So Much to Him

At one of Dierks Bentley’s recent concerts, he got a letter.

It was from a fan, which is no big surprise. I’m sure Bentley gets a lot of those. But this one moved him enough to snap a photo and then post it on social media to thank the fans who go out of their way to share their words with him.

The letter is from someone who’d recently adopted a little girl after struggling with infertility. And it starts out by saying that he/she had heard that Bentley was always on the lookout for song ideas from anyone. So this fan penned a poem of sorts — loosely titled “Walk With Me for a Time” — about becoming a parent.

The note to Bentley goes on to say that, from one Christian parent to another, if it happened to inspire Bentley in any way, it would be an honor to see the ideas end up in a song.

“I’m a huge fan and there’s no one whose hands I’d rather put them in,” the fan wrote at the end.